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June 18,2014
"China''s textile industry has entered the best period of development." Chinese Textile Industry Association, Du Yuzhou August 9 in the "2005 China''s textile and apparel industry competitiveness of the conference" that the Chinese textile industry''s comprehensive competitiveness comprehensive improvement are signs of the momentum, textiles competitive advantage have not fully reflected in the low price, which includes its own culture, science and technology content marketing means are becoming more and more progress. 
Du Yuzhou also refuted the outside world that the development of China''s textile industry exported a large extent dependent on the international market argument. He said that with 1.3 billion consumers is stimulating the domestic market of China''s textile industry realized the first high growth momentum. China''s textile enterprises for the EU, the United States frequent restrictions, can seek "the West does not shine" in the development of the domestic market to find a space. 

Industrial restructuring is the panacea Breakout 

The restructuring of the textile industry is to obtain good results. Du Yuzhou said that, in fact, in order to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese textiles, since the 1990s, China has never stopped to carry out industrial restructuring. "We eliminated the 10 million cotton yarn spindles, 1.2 million textile workers being laid off, a large number of state-owned enterprises to withdraw from, and so on." He said that in 2000 so far few years, and in this whole industry on the basis of a large-scale technical transformation and the introduction of foreign capital and brand, the result has been China''s textile industry have stronger competitiveness. 

"Those who believe that Chinese textiles in the international market best-selling low prices of view alone is wrong." Du Yuzhou said that the textile industry not only need labor, the products that they produce also contains technology, culture, and many other factors. China''s textile sell well abroad, in addition to low prices, but also because good things. It should be said that China''s textile technology, and cultural content of the increasing is obvious to all, while these products marketing techniques and tools are constantly improving. 

Against China''s textile exports increased at the same time that prices have been declining, said Du Yuzhou, "According to our understanding, China''s exports of textiles overall price level is rising." Data show that the first half of China''s exports of clothing average unit price of 2.6 dollars, an increase 19.97%. 

Du Yuzhou also pointed out that industrial upgrading and restructuring product is still China''s textile industry should then continue to do things, because in the present international trade friction and the appreciation of the renminbi under the dual pressures, it is突破重圍of a panacea. 

Strong domestic demand, stimulating much greater than exports 

"China''s strong domestic demand apparel output steady growth momentum." Du Yuzhou said that the 13 million consumers in the domestic market is of great apparel digestive capacity, the domestic apparel brand competition in this market has been in full swing, in addition to the consumption of apparel, home textiles and residential construction to build the demand for textiles has also bullish. 

Domestic demand of the driving role of the textile industry are far greater than exports, not boom in the export market circumstances, the first half of the entire industry still completed more than 20 billion of apparel production. Data from the State Statistical Bureau is supporting the strong growth in the domestic market: the first half of garment export delivery value of industrial output value, accounting for 47.16%, a year ago 50.20% a sharp downward. 

In addition, sales of China''s textile industry output value increased 26.78% over the export delivery value 22.08% growth rate higher than 4.7 percentage points. 

Journalists learned that from 2000 to 2004, China''s residents wear products in the average consumption growth 1.256%, higher than the GDP growth rate. First half of this year, the residents wear products consumption growth rate is reached 21.6%, is seldom seen in history of high growth. 

Du Yuzhou said that the domestic textile consumption in the high-speed growth of the market in recent years, the reasons were: the rapid growth of the national economy, increase in population and a rising degree of the market, such as. "We should especially concerned that the rural consumer market''s rise clothing." He said that the low added value and low technological contents, or the products can be found in rural markets, the production of these products is mainly in order to meet the purchasing power of rural consumers. 

The domestic market change production pattern 

The domestic market not only in stimulating the growth of the entire textile industry, also "quietly" changing the Chinese garment industry development pattern. From China Textile Industry Association a report that shows the main producing areas of the clothing before the eight provinces and cities precedence over the same period last year have not changed, but the momentum of development is very different. 

The biggest change to Fujian Province as an example, with the same period last year 56.07% of the high rate of increase compared to the first half of its garment industry less than 10% of the increase had not yet reached the national average. Analyze the causes and the degree of dependence on the export garment industry in Fujian Province have been higher, and the production and processing of value added products mainly lower, the lower the risk resistance, the first half of the United States and Europe textile and apparel trade friction effect of animosity. 

While Zhejiang gradually bottomed out and create internal and external booming situation. Shandong, Jiangsu these two clothing after the old industrial base in the competition structural adjustment has been shown vitality, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and the gap continued to narrow. In addition, Jiangxi, Henan, Hunan and Anhui these are easily accessible, near the coast, a garment industry based inland provinces also showed an alarming 27.2.
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